NZ BB Analysis before 16/9 announcement

Posted by chiefworker on 16 September 2009

Analysis of NZ Broadband before the 16/9 government announcement

So, we are about to make the largest single public investment in telecommunications ever in our nation's life - $1.5 billion ? we may be wrong - still a big number !

We think this is excellent, as the Government's decision to invest $1.5 billion to bring fibre to the home (FTTH) for 75% of New Zealanders is fundamentally important to achieving our economic and social development goals.

However, anyone in the least interested and informed about the issue will know that this is a very complex issue.

We have been working in

Intranet and KM

Posted by chiefworker on 11 August 2009

Leveraging Technology to Streamline Intranet Strategies was the topic of our presentation at an IIR in 2002.

Back then we wrote that "Most organisations are striving to reduce the cost of doing business to deal with the pressure of a highly competitive, global marketplace". We opined that in this context Intranets have emerged to be an
essential tool for increased profitability, improved workforce morale and improved customer relationship.

Well the drivers have not changed and we think you will find the presentation and paper even more relevant today. The paper is here and the

Broadband Thought Leadership

Posted by chiefworker on 11 August 2009

I will make a statement now: "Broadband is an industry, in fact it is a super-industry – it will be bigger, more pervasive, than electricity and roads, the last two superindustries."

... thus we wrote in the InfoTech Weekly - way back on 19th November 2001.

We continued ... Yes, for the first time since the advent of civilisation we have an economic  infrastructure that "virtually" extends the human being in real time and demonstrates electricity and road-like characteristics in its potential impact on civilisation.

I will make a statement now: "Broadband is an industry, in fact it is a super-industry – it

Web Services - Setting the Agenda

Posted by chiefworker on 11 August 2009

Way back in 2002 Web Services were in their infancy, sun was shining on SUN! and we were there leading the thought and action on Web Services.

The presentations here were delivered to a packed audience at Wellington and Auckland as a guest of Sun.

Auckland Presentation

Wellington Presentation

An allied opinion on the matter was a lecture on UDDI to a Vic Uni class in 2000.

Today we talk about mashups and those in the know realise that web services are at

e-business Govis 2002

Posted by chiefworker on 2 August 2009

Our Principal Project Managed and implemented a major, early, innovative e-business project for Public Trust in 2000-2001. We were privileged that our client (IBM client at the time) Public Trust agreed to share the stage with us at the GOVIS 2002 conference to share our lessons from that project.

It may appear a bit dated, however it was moment of truth in the integration and exposing a complex corporate application to the "Cloud" and given that in 2002 the phrase Cloud Computing was not even invented - we are proud to have been involved with using the INTERnet for serious industrial

Early opinion UFB

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The government has made its mind up and it is all looking very good for future generations of New Zealanders.

Hon Steven Joyce announced this morning the Ultra Fast Broadband Initiative

The Ministry of Economic Development also issued a 19 page document providing details.

On the regulation front (read our earlier analysis) the government has signalled an interesting approach: (reproduced from Ministry document)

87. The draft proposal of 31 March 2009 did not envisage the government making any specific steps affecting LFCs' regulatory operating environment. LFCs will be subject to the telecommunications regulatory regime established

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