We have been involved in Open Source project since 2003.

Open Source has come a long way since then and holds much promise for the enterprise. It promises lower costs, greater innovation and an infinite amount of options - the last one being an interesting aspect of the movement!

The promise brings difficult choices for organisations, while lower costs are very attractive, the plethora of options actually presents a problem. Also the whole area of supportability is a major issue. In New Zealand, with a relatively limited pool of technolgists, the issue of supportability is more important than bigger economies.

We offer organisations the "thinking horsepower" to develop strategies to introduce or scale up the use of open source in different layers of the enterprise architecture.

Our ability to assist our clients in this area stems from the fact that our Principal has been engaged in open source since 2004, when use of Open Source in mainstream IT, in New Zealand, was in its infancy. We have been involved in specifying, choosing and implementing, one of largest and most complex distributed Open Source public web content management implementations in New Zealand - www.thebigidea.co.nz based on Drupal.

It is real experience of specifying, managing significant open source projects that we offer to our clients.

We have even helped Kiwi Open Source software development businesses choose between competing Open Source architectures from a business standpoint.

One of the big issues that we are particularly competent to consult on is the area of integrating Open Source with proprietary environments - a situation that is central to the opportunity of harnessing Open Source for cost reduction.

We look forward to your contact for a discussion on how we can help with your Open Source endeavours. 

You can also read our opinion on various subjects including Open Source here.

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