We have been delivering project management services 2001.

We bring an approach that is global and expansive in thinking but quite local, practical and do-able in delivery. Without exception, we are a minority component of the overall client project team. This means that working with third parties, including client staff and other ICT suppliers is business as usual for us.

We describe our delivery approach as "Do it by walking about". By this what we mean is that the key to managing a project is to focus on positive, pro-active and personal communication.  In our limited experience, so many projects experience unsavoury moments and periods simply because all parties were not on the "same page", our approach mitigates this critical risk.

We are highly skilled in working with a number of project management methodologies as PMI and PRINCE2 but highly adapted to, New Zealand scale.

Please do contact us for a discussion on how we can help with your next programme or project.

You can also read our opinion on various subjects including Project and Programme Management here.


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