Through these pages, we share tools, templates and techniques that others may find useful in their practice of Knowledge Management, Cloud Computing, Web 2.0, Project Management, Reviews and Social Computing.

Starting things off are:

  1. Australian Government Gateway Review Project Risk Assessment Tool - If you are embarking on any kind of review, we recommend this tool highly. Even if the project is not required to undergo such assessment, you will find that this tool is a great time saver and helps make matters quite crisp and tight at the onset of any review. We have found that even for the smallest project, use of this tool saves time and money, in fact consistent use starts to institutionalise a discipline which is very hard to introduce suddenly. SSC in NZ uses a variation of this. There are two documents, one is an MS Excel Spreadsheet and the other an MS Word file. Get them here.

  2. In this era of less money, more work, Open Source choices, Web 2.0 demands, Cloud Computing etc. etc. etc. - it is important to consider all decisions using a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Yes, it sounds pre-historic, but we think the days of TCO are back (some would argue that the days were never gone). Well, way back in 2002, the NSW Department of Commerce published a TCO tool. We have used many commercial ones, including some aqcuired by organisations at considerable expense, however we are yet to be convinced that the one that NSW published has got to anywhere near its "use by" date. It was published under GNU. You decide,it is here

  3. One of our favourite tools, most commonly used in some way or the other in KM projects is Social Network Analysis (SNA). Founded on relatively sound social science principles, SNA (not the comms protocol - if you think then you are showing your age!) is a very powerful technique to unravel the networks that pervade the workplace and have such an impact on project development - no matter what the project. SNA is also central to developing and executing a social computing strategy. It takes a skilled practitioner to get it right and a tool that does not overwhelm the purpose. However, it does provide the opportunity to introduce some quantitative rigour into (what we think) much overused term "Social Computing". We use a few SNA tools, usually the starting point is "Node XL" - a free add on to MS Excel. It is here - have fun.

  4. Anything that is accessed 9.9 million times has to be good ! It is the creation of Michael Wesch, Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology at the Kansas State University. He is planning a new version. In the meanwhile, we think it is brilliant. If there is one 5 minute slot is all you have to get your head around Web 2.0 - watch this clip - full stop.

Do come back often as we will be adding lots more resources.

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